Mission Statement

"Scottie Rescue Ireland endeavours to rehome Scottish Terriers in need on the island of Ireland where possible."

"Failing to find homes within this area, Scottie Rescue Ireland will contact STECS (Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Society) in the UK for rehoming."










Scottie Rescue Ireland

Hi everyone.

Well the site is really taking shape now and already we have had some wonderful imput from our owners who have taken scotties from our rescue service to give them their forever home.

If you don't succeed in having a rescue scottie placed with you because of unavailability but would still like a scottie please feel free to contact us for a list of reputable breeders who will be more than happy to let you know if and when puppies are ready or even if they are expecting to have a litter. You can contact us at info4scotties@google.comĀ It also helps to know the breed standard especially if you wish to show your scottish terrier and we can help there too.

Charlie is one of our success stories at Scottie Rescue Ireland

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We now have quite a bit of feedback from succesful rehoming -
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And if you'd like to be a future rescuer, please see the attached paperwork on the Adoption Procedure page...



Any other comments that you have then we would love to hear them.

Joy and Sylvia